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plottingwizard's Journal

15 April
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Klaine is my OTP, even though I'm Christian and am berated for it.
It's weird because my atheist friends either disrespect my religion, or my Christian friends disrespect my social values. I walk a very thin line. I constantly topple over to insanity.
I'm kind of a big socialist nerd with an addiction to indie rock and alternative music. The other half of me is an effeminate fashionista with an ongoing feud with my sewing machine and a worship for Ms. Streisand. I possess the interests of a stereotypical gay male and the arrogance of the most annoying-ass straight men.
I'm very passionate about politics, specifically immigration, women's rights and gay rights. I love fashion, especially bowties, suspenders, tweed jackets, and miniskirts. I worship Alexander McQueen with fervor, the same way I worshipped Yves Saint Laurent. I am fascinated with the life of Coco Chanel.
I sing. I'm a contralto/belter, although my voice goes extremely low.
Again, I love Glee. I love Rachel and Kurt, both of whom serve as my fashion muses. I don't know either.
I like Jesse St. James simply because he's forever Melchior to me.